Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Gaucho International Polo 2013

England 10 Argentina 11

Nacho Figueras was unable to play this year, as he had a nasty fall during a game at Cowdray Park a few days earlier, and fractured his hip. I'm pleased to say that after less than two weeks in bed, Nacho was up on crutches.
Andrea Vianini took over as Captain for Cheval des Andes Argentina, whilst Jamie Morrison headed up the IG England team. Simon McDonald did an excellent job as umpire, as it was a fast game with everyone keen to take home the championship.

Nacho Figueras at Cowdray Park Photo:
The players drove into the arena in Maseratis Photo: Lorraine Hill
The players alighted from their Maseratis to greet their ponies Photo: Lorraine Hill
England Captain Jamie Morrison Photo: Lorraine Hill

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